Tuesday, June 4, 2013


*pokes head around corner*
Um...sorry I haven't posted in over two months.....I've been super busy....with finals and AP tests and stuff......please don't kill me!
But, a lot of stuff happened during my radio silence.

  • I was going to do an Easter post, but Jim's old friend - sorry, acquaintance - Edward showed up and decided to crash for a while.  And, while Ed is, in all fairness, a pretty cool guy, he tends to disregard human life a little more than we'd like, so we try to keep him under close watch when he's in town.  Fortunately, his two week visit passed without major incident.
  • Cherri's and Robert's birthdays happened! Yay!
  • My birthday's tomorrow! Yay!
  • Jace successfully graduated high school! Yay!
  • Jess tricked Jace into eating a piece of turkey about a month ago.  He got really upset, but he's back to his usual, vegetarian self.
  • Last week, I started working on a way to reduce the size of the visors to compensate for Robert's glasses.  I'm still in the planning stages, but with any luck I'll have results before the new school year starts in August.
And that...brings you up to date.  I'll try not to stay dormant for too long any more....

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  1. O hai there! late happy birthdays to all my zombie friends ^^ busy as heck over here as well! hey chris..is it just me or has that xander guy been quiet? .....perhaps...too quiet? i guess i'm not one to talk cause i haven't been commenting much either XD